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Media Relations

The media today has more and more to choose from than ever before. We have established relationships in the media to intentionally target the appropriate audience and secure coverage. 

Public Relations Strategy

Incorporating public relations into your lifestyle is exciting! We will sit with you, get to know you, your goals, and develop a PR strategy you will be happy to implement.  

Event Promotion

You have spent months diligently planning a great event and now it's time to create the buzz. We will put you in the public eye, to make your event a complete success. 

Executive Media Training

We will work with the executive team to make sure any interviews conducted are in line with the messaging and established goals. You don't need a PR nightmare on your hands because of something you said!  

Social Media Strategy

The digital side of the PR and marketing world is a primary way of communication with your audience. We will identify the best social media platforms and integrate them into your brand.   

Grassroots Campaigns

The term grassroots symbolizes the creation of a movement through non-traditional forms of promotion. Gathering a group together who believe in your cause, and turning them into ambassadors to bring awareness to your event or brand is a powerful form of PR.   

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